Our Favorite Neurodiverse Black Influencers

By Jessica Watson
February 24, 2023

In honor of Black History Month, the Learnfully team pulled together a list of our favorite black influencers who are neurodiverse or produce content for the neurodivergent community. These black influencers consistently create content that enlightens, informs and educates everyone who scrolls through their feeds. They make social media a better place to be and remind our learners that they’ve got this.

We couldn’t be more grateful for their presence and can’t wait for you to check out what they have to offer.


Above all else, Black Neurodiversity is an amazing resource. We have found so much great information through this account that they had to be at the top of our list. Check out their current posts for Black Futures Month– so many great neurodiverse leaders to be found! We also love their insightful posts such as this one:


File Autistic Black Woman under “Should Have More Followers Because She Shares Such Great Info.” We love this self-proclaimed “Neurodivergent Queen” for so many reasons. She wears her heart on her sleeve and shares such insightful information on what it’s like to be a black female autistic. Follow her for amazing posts like this one:


Dr. Dawn is a powerful, positive voice in the social media world. Her work with athletes, ADD, PTSD and mental health keeps us informed and empowered to help others. We found Dr. Dawn through her recent post on a mother’s thoughts on ADHD and now we can’t get enough!


Tumi of The Black Dyspraxic defines himself as a researcher, academic, public speaker, consultant and advocate. He does an amazing job of being all these things and more through his social media work. Neurodiversity, with a concentration on dyspraxia, is the focus of many of his posts as he informs and educates us all in knowledge-packed posts like this one:


If you’re looking for an influencer who is guaranteed to make you think, check out Ryse of Teaching with Mxt. They describe themselves as a history teacher who is a parent, non-binary, queer with ADHD and autism. So many perspectives to share AND their book lists and book reviews are not to be missed.


There is so much to say about Caro of Disrupt Yuh Feed. Her illustrations are amazing, her posts are insightful, she contributes SO much to the neurodivergent world of social media. Follow Caro for creativity and perfect posts like this one:


Jordan, aka JRC the SLP, has a social media channel packed with resources about speech and language, mental health and anti-racism. She creates great content and is super engaging on video. Absolutely worth a follow!


If you like a side of reality with your neurodivergent parenting, follow Jessie of Momma_lips. She keeps in real while providing a ton of video content of what it is really like to be an autism mom. Our favorite phrase from her posts is “I’m already tired tomorrow.”

Jessie creates primarily video content so we couldn’t share our favorite Instagram post but here’s one from Tik Tok:

@momma_lips Transitions are HARD! What’s worked for your kid? ♾ #autismparent #transitionsarehard #autismacceptance ♬ I can not Bo Leave it Thejaysalazar – TheJaySalazar


We can’t emphasize the importance of Justice 4 Matthew Rushin enough. Matthew Rushin was incarcerated after his autistic traits were seen as aggression towards law enforcement. What Matthew has gone through is the worst fear of every black mother and every autism mom. After a long battle, that is not yet over, Matthew was freed but their social media campaign for change has not ended. Join Matthew and his family as they fight for change for all.


For all of the insight you ever needed on your autistic child follow Autistic Black Girl. Aside from her amazing illustrative skills, this Instagrammer is excellent at articulating what she felt when she was young and how she experiences things now as an adult. So enlightening, so talented and absolutely worth a follow.

Who are your favorites?

Do you have a favorite black influencer in the neurodivergent space? Let us know in the comments who we should be following!

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