Your child

can’t finish a project on time? writes sloppily? won't start his homework? is late to turn in assignments?

You see unfocused and unmotivated bad at writing unfocused and unmotivated messy & disorganized

Learnfully sees executive dysfunction

Our award winning program gets to the root of learning challenges to help your K-12 neurodiverse learner reach their goals.

For smart kids who struggle in school.

What is executive dysfunction?

ADHD? Dyslexia? No label, but big struggles? Executive dysfunction is at the root of all challenges experienced by neurodiverse learners. Executive functioning accounts for 85% of job success, but only 13% of educators are trained in identifying and teaching executive functioning skills.

Examples of Executive Functioning skills include…

How does Learnfully work?

Free Consultation

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SPARK Assessment

Learnfully’s unique assessment gets past labels, and measures your child’s strengths and challenges to create a learner profile.

Recommendations + Services

Get personalized recommendations and goals for your child and be matched with a Learnfully Education Specialist. Schedule targeted instruction sessions with your specialist.

Skill Advancement

Watch your child make steady and measurable progress in targeted executive functioning skills. Growth is continually measured and you receive regular progress reports from your child’s Specialist.

Move past labels. Unlock growth.


But a Deep Thinker.


Who dislikes writing


Yet doesn't like math


But Endlessly Curious


Maybe too much so

Our Experts

We're award-winning for a reason

Impactful Learner Gains

+2 skill levels after 180 days of instruction

High Engagement

High Retention

Over 90% customer retention

After 3 years of education disruption, it's time to rethink how we support our learners

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We conducted a nationwide survey of more than 300 U.S. parents & educators. Read our report to better understand the needs of parents and educators in 2023.


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