Learnfully Professional Development- Pembroke Hill School

By Jessica Watson
February 29, 2024

On a wintry day in February, the Learnfully team headed to Kansas City, Missouri to provide Pembroke Hill School educators a professional development deep dive into what it feels like to have executive dysfunction and how to support their learners through these challenges.

During our half-day session, we met with over twenty educators and covered strategies and activities for the classroom to help grow executive function skills in their learners. The workshop instills educators with a more informed practitioner mindset, and equips them with resources to help them better meet the needs of students with a diverse set of skills and challenges.

Dr. Sheila Murphy, SVP of Education at Learnfully facilitated the program and commented,  “Our recent Pembroke Hill School EF Simulation PD was attended by highly engaged educators and instructional coaches that will carry the information forward to their over 100 educators thanks to their participation in our train the trainer model.”

We had the chance to catch up with Tiffany Kelley, Director of Teaching & Learning at Pembroke Hill School post engagement and chatted about the following:

“We were really interested in exploring ways that adults learn in our community, and the EF Simulation challenge was the hands-on opportunity we were looking for our educators to participate in.”

Below is a snippet of the feedback we received from educators during our engagement:

“Executive functioning affects most, if not all, students.

My takeaway is the level of fatigue that having an executive function impairment may cause. The simulations were mentally tiring. It must be very difficult for students.

This allowed us to deepen our knowledge and feel what it’s like with Executive Function.

Children are exhausted with what they have to accomplish in a school day/life. We as teachers need to understand and provide better support.”

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