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Find out how your child learns best. After taking our SPARK Learning Assessment, you’ll understand their strengths and challenges, learning interests, preferred way to learn, and what motivates them.

Ignite learning with a SPARK Learning Assessment

The direction you want. The insights you need. When your child is screened by a Learnfully specialist, we analyze their strengths and look for any underlying cognitive differences, so that you can take action immediately to get them on their best path.

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Accelerating the path to success

The SPARK Assessment is a whole-child evaluation that gives parents and caregivers insights into their child’s unique learning needs much faster than traditional clinical evaluations. After establishing a cognitive baseline for a child, our education team matches them to the best programming to suits their individual strengths and challenges. The assessment report contains a complete learning profile for the child, including information on how they learn best.

Whether or not a child has a diagnosed learning difference, the SPARK assessment quickly identifies the obstacles that are preventing them from reaching their true learning capabilities. The results are used to recommend effective programming that targets appropriate skills and strategies to overcome these learning challenges.

How do you know your child needs a learning assessment?

Often a teacher or school administrator will recommend an outside assessment after noticing something at school. When making their recommendation, they will typically note any observations they’ve made regarding areas of concern or weaknesses observed while in class.

A parent or caregiver may also choose to pursue an evaluation independently. Typically this occurs when they notice their child is struggling to meet age-appropriate learning milestones, or has difficulty completing certain tasks or activities.

Available through an online appointment, the SPARK Assessment makes it easier than ever to get the answers your learner needs.
A SPARK Assessment can benefit every child. We are here to help! Have questions? Contact us.
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