We Help ADHD Learners Who Struggle with Reading

Improving emotional control and executive function for kids with ADHD boosts reading comprehension.

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Specialized Programs Build ADHD Foundations for Comprehension & Fluency

Our behavioral approach helps ADHD kids associate positive experiences with learning and discourages negative behaviors. Research proves that behavioral instruction influences the behaviors ADHD learners exhibit, resulting in more productive academic engagements.

We also leverage scientifically-based executive function coaching to teach organizational skills and teach kids time management and planning, helping optimize their learning time and reduce distractions.

Builds reading skills:
Reading Comprehension

Phonemic Awareness

Decoding & Encoding

Our specialists make a difference for ADHD Learners

ADHD often accompanies other learning disorders, like dyslexia, resulting in weaknesses in information processing.

Our team has decades of experience working with ADHD readers. We’ll match your child to the education specialist who can provide them with the best personalized instruction aligned to their specific strengths and needs by:

  • Developing their working memory, processing speed, and organization through executive function coaching
  • Building their encoding skills using multisensory instruction

We start with an evaluation of your child to uncover their strengths and weaknesses.

We’ll find the best-fit education specialist for your ADHD learner.

Specialists use specific strategies to facilitate reading and learning.

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