Social emotional learning is critical for neurodiverse learners, especially now.

Discover your learner's strengths and develop the critical social emotional (SEL) skills to reduce anxiety, enhance decision making skills, and build learner confidence.

    Symptoms of social emotional weaknesses

    I have a hard time sitting still in class. My teacher thinks that I'm disruptive, but really I just have a hard time channeling my energy.

    I'm socialI'm social...and it's hard for me to focus

    I'm diligent in my studies, but sometimes feel overwhelmed and extremely anxious when I don't meet expectations.

    I'm disciplinedI'm disciplined...maybe too much so

    My teachers think I'm spacey sometimes. But really I get overwhelmed by instructions and talking in general.

    I'm creativeI'm creative...yet disorganized

    My parents think that I'm stubborn and can't follow instructions but sometimes I just get confused and I'm not sure how to ask for help.

    I'm restlessI'm restless...but endlessly curious

    Find out what parents are saying.

    With all of the time the kids have been online this year for school, I was worried that they would be burnt out and not engage virtually. My fears were immediately alleviated and have been ever since. I am so grateful that we have Learnfully to support our family!


    Learnfully came across my radar at the perfect time to help with this transition! Jess reached out and reviewed the reports, expertly recommended our Educational Specialist, Erin, and the kids were off and running with highly targeted tutoring sessions in just a few weeks!


    Do you know what social emotional learning is
    and why it is important in learning?

    Learnfully is about putting learners on their path to potential.

    Too often, parents are told about what their child can't do...but at Learnfully we focus on what they can do and build on that!

    • Interest-based content to drive learner engagement.
    • Multisensory, evidence-based programs in literacy, math, executive function and SEL. Specific social emotional learning programs and teaching frameworks include Social Thinking®, ZONES of Regulation®, Gray’s Social Stories™, Dweck’s Growth Mindset .
    • Goal-based, individualized programs at the learner's pace

    Getting started is simple. 

    Let's get to know you.

    Whether you want to start with a learning assessment or are ready for a document review, we always start off with a short parent session via Zoom to get to know you and your learner.

    Select a program.

    After a review of the personalized learner recommendations, you can select the program that's best for you. Sessions include 1-to-1 instruction, with a matched educational specialist.

    See their growth.

    We deliver continuous feedback to caregivers on the progress of your learner, ensuring that both the program and specialist are a good match for your learner.

    Still have questions about social emotional learning
    and how it impacts your learner?

    Meet a Learnfully Specialist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are your sessions online or in-person?Sessions are generally online which provides the most flexibility for our parents & learners; however, we do have some educational specialists willing to provide in-home instruction so if that is of interest, make sure to ask about this option in your area.

    Is this program right for my child with ADHD, Dyslexia, ASD, or another learning difference?Yes! These programs are made for your learner. Learnfully specializes in multisensory, evidence-based programs that are often recommended for neurodiverse learners.

    What are your instructional/program rates?Our programs are personalized to meet individual learner needs. Programs start at $599 and vary based on format, intensity, and location.

    What ages/grades do you support?Learnfully supports learners of all ages and grades with a wide range of multisensory, evidence-based instruction in literacy, math, and executive functioning skills.

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