The Executive
Function Challenge™

Understand how it feels to struggle with executive function weakness and see firsthand how it evokes unnecessary anxiety in learners.


    Fall 2022 EF Package

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    This Executive Function Challenge package includes our EF Challenge workshop, implementation resources, and—for a limited time—three EF assessments for learners. Register above for this special back-to-school package through November 1, 2022. 

    Experience the struggle–find out why educators love the Executive Function Challenge™

    Common symptoms of executive dysfunction.

    I have a hard time sitting still in class. My teacher thinks that I'm disruptive, but really I just have a hard time channeling my energy.

    I'm socialI'm social...and it's hard for me to focus

    I'm diligent in my studies, but sometimes feel overwhelmed and extremely anxious when I don't meet expectations.

    I'm disciplinedI'm disciplined...maybe too much so

    My teachers think I'm spacey sometimes. But really I get overwhelmed by instructions and talking in general.

    I'm creativeI'm creative...yet disorganized

    My parents think that I'm stubborn and can't follow instructions but sometimes I just get confused and I'm not sure how to ask for help.

    I'm restlessI'm restless...but endlessly curious

    Get in the mindset of a learner with the Executive Function Challenge™

    This interactive workshop fosters teacher confidence, enthusiasm, and commitment to long-term learner success & goals.

    • The simulation begins with a brief overview of executive function, including the neurological basis and the interventions which have been shown, through solid research, to have a positive impact.
    • Participants then take part in six simulated activities which mimic the experiences and processing of those with executive function disorders.
    • After the simulations, participants discuss their experience and how recommended interventions would help strengthen these skills in learners.

    Simulate, understand, and remediate key areas of executive dysfunction, including 6 circuits:

    Work it Out

    Simulates weakness in working memory

    Every Step Counts

    Simulates planning & time management weakness

    Be Your Own Filter

    Simulates weakness in the ability to sustain attention

    Quick, Declutter

    Simulates weakness in organization skills

    Zone Check

    Simulates weakness in self regulation

    Hold Up

    Simulates weakness in impulse control

    Find out what participants are saying.

    "This course helped me empathize with my child and experience the world through his eyes. It gave me perspective on what kids with learning differences go through every day."


    "Thank you for allowing us to experience the frustration and challenges our students can face. We appreciate all we learned today. I will definitely use it in my class.


    "Every parent of children with learning differences should go through this course. This course helps me understand how my child feels and the tools I can utilize to help him."


    Experience executive dysfunction for yourself so that you can better address learner needs at home and in the classroom.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should take the Executive Function Challenge?Educators
    Experiencing the symptoms of executive dysfunction is a powerful way to learn how some of your students might feel on a daily basis. These insights inform teaching practices and lead to more appropriate accommodations.

    Parents & Caregivers
    Taking the Executive Function Challenge helps parents and caregivers better understand and address behaviors associated with executive dysfunction.

    Experiencing the symptoms of executive dysfunction as a class is a powerful way to understand the importance of executive function skills and empathize with others who face challenges on a daily basis.

    How long is the workshop?The workshop has layers of valuable content and dynamic materials to accompany the six hands-on circuits. A successful event can be anywhere from 2 hours to a full day, which includes plenty of time for discussion and breaks.

    How many participants can attend the simulation?This simulation is ideal for 30 or more participants.  Printed materials for up to 30 attendees are included in the kit and additional materials can be provided as needed.

    What materials are included in the Simulation kit?The Executive Funtion Challenge™ Simulation Kit includes materials for all 6 simulation circuits, including printed facilitator workbooks and interactive program worksheets.

    Is the simulation online or in-person?The Executive Function Challenge™ can be purchased as a standalone, self-guided simulation or as a hosted workshop with a Learnfully specialist available to guide the simulation, either online or in person.

    What is the price of the simulation exercise?As a self-guided workshop, the simulation kit is available for purchase at $499. This includes materials for up to 30 attendees, for all 6 circuits. A 60-minute online training session for the facilitator is included and can be scheduled online.

    If you'd prefer, the workshop can be hosed by a Learnfully Educational Specialist. This guided workshop includes all simulation kit materials plus 2-6 hours of hands-on instruction and consulting. This engagement ranges from $899-$1499* depending on preferred length and number of participants. 

    Email us at to find out if your organization qualifies for discounts or promotions!

    *Travel not included

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